Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr

Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

Since 1957, the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College has been dedicated to preparing military top-level personnel for demanding tasks in the armed forces, in the Federal Ministry of Defence, in NATO, in the European Union and in the United Nations.

The college’s core task is to provide training, advanced and further training to professionally experienced officers from Germany and abroad. At the end of their training, the leaders will be comprehensively trained and educated; they will be familiar with scientific working methods and thus be able to handle issues of national preventive security in a Bundeswehr-wide, joint, combined and interagency context.

Each year, the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College provides training and education to more than 2,000 officers and other personnel in a variety of courses and seminars. Altogether, some 3,000 foreign students coming from more than 100 nations and more than 5,000 German officers have completed their general/admiral staff officer training here in Hamburg.

With the foundation of the GIDS, the BwCSC’s mission has been expanded. It now includes the systematic collection and classification of all knowledge generated during training and research at the college. It forms the basis for the work of the think tank, for its function as a provider of advice to decision-makers in the Bundeswehr and the Federal Government, as well as for the promotion of public discourse about security and defence strategic issues. These are the main tasks of the GIDS—the German Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies.