Mission of the GIDS

The GIDS examines problems and phenomena that are of key relevance to Germany’s strategic capacity in the field of security policy. By doing so, it lays the foundation for providing advice to decision-makers in the Bundeswehr and the Federal Government.

Its research areas include:
• economy and ecology of violence
• dynamics and typologies of wars and conflicts
• culture and identity in a changing security environment
• cross-departmental and interdisciplinary thinking and action from a security perspective
• military strategy and leadership in the 21st century
• strategic partnerships.

For the time being, the GIDS will concentrate on those fields of research that, as yet, are not in the focus of any other think tank in the field of security policy. In doing so, the institute can draw on the expertise and qualifications available in both the Helmut Schmidt Bundeswehr University and the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College. This allows not only to conduct interdisciplinary research that is unique in its methodological diversity but also to provide adequate consultation as a result of that research. Moreover, the GIDS is part of a growing international scientific network.
It is also building a comprehensive knowledge management system, which is aimed at making work performed at the GIDS, i.e. studies and surveys, dissertations and other results from research and instruction, accessible to the academic community and the public.