National General/Admiral Staff Officer Course (NGASOC) Forms Part of the GIDS

With a duration of two years, the National General/Admiral Staff Officer Course (NGASOC) is not only the longest but also one of the most challenging courses provided by the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College (BwCSC) in Hamburg within the scope of officer training. The BwCSC is the highest-level military training institution offering courses to field-grade officers and generals/admirals in Germany.

Only career and temporary-career officers who have proven their aptitude to become staff officers and civil servants employed in the higher-level service are admitted to the NGASOC. They are chosen from among the best, based on their eligibility, performance and qualification. By invitation of the Federal Ministry of Defence, officers from NATO countries and selected partner states also participate in the course. The training and education at the BwCSC enables the officers to independently and confidently develop their own well-founded points of view even in unfamiliar situations, be it in times of peace, crisis or war and, on this basis, to make decisions that are both appropriate in military terms and ethically sound.

While attending the NGASOC, the officers also form part of the BwCSC’s think tank, thus bringing to bear their knowledge and skills in the German Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies (GIDS) as well.

One Research Topic for Each Course

During the Self-Study Phase of the NGASOC, the students conduct research on an issue of strategic relevance chosen by the German Chief of Defence.

Military Leadership and International Security (Master’s Programme)
All current and former students on the NGASOC as well as those earmarked for participation in the course are encouraged to also enrol in the in-service master’s programme “Military Leadership and International Security” (MFIS) to reflect on strategy, leadership, security and international relations in an academic context. The study programme was developed in collaboration with the Helmut Schmidt Bundeswehr University (HSU) and is one of the pillars of the GIDS. Selected final theses will be published by the GIDS in its series #GIDSmfis.