The Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

The Bundeswehr Command and Staff College (BwCSC) prepares military top-level personnel for demanding tasks in the armed forces, in NATO, the European Union and the United Nations. More than 600 officers are being trained at the BwCSC in Hamburg at any given time, among them approximately 100 foreign officers from about 50 nations.

Core Task and Purpose of the BwCSC

The college’s core task is to provide initial, advanced and follow-on training to professionally experienced officers from Germany and abroad. It provides training and education to top-level military personnel at a regional, national and international level.

Aside from the training of military specialists, the BwCSC is increasingly opening its doors to civilian actors, including from outside the Bundeswehr. It is part of an international network and cooperates closely with other agencies and organizations.

Moreover, the college has adopted the concept of life-long learning. The students receive education and follow-on training that will enable them to cope with the security and military challenges of today and tomorrow. In this respect, the college focuses on providing its students with a tool box, which contains methods for developing structured, yet flexible, agile, and creative thinking. Thus, it is not only the necessary traditional military toolkit that is imparted at the BwCSC; the students are also expected and encouraged to take a critical stance on matters.

Aside from its central mission, the BwCSC has also been tasked with acting as a strategic think tank. To accomplish this task, it cooperates closely with the Helmut Schmidt Bundeswehr University in Hamburg. Within the scope of this cooperation, the German Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies (GIDS) was founded.

Photo: Bundeswehr/ Katharina Roggmann