The Helmut Schmidt Bundeswehr University

Providing Research, Academic Education and Impetus for the Bundeswehr
The Helmut Schmidt Bundeswehr University in Hamburg (HSU) is an academic training institution qualifying students for military command assignments and civilian leadership positions. It has been satisfying much of the Bundeswehr’s need for well-qualified personnel for 45 years. Thanks to excellent basic research and innovative applied research, the HSU has been giving fresh impetus to the Bundeswehr throughout its existence.
Committed to the idea of lifelong learning, the HSU has developed high-value follow-on training programmes for the public sector, among them the master programmes “Military Leadership and International Security” (MLIS, in cooperation with the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College) and “Civil-Military Interaction” (MCMI, in cooperation with the NATO CIMIC Centre of Excellence). Interlinked with several scientific institutions in Germany and abroad, the university has become a recognized partner in the field of international scientific cooperation.

Network for Interdisciplinary Conflict Analyses (NICA)

The German Institute for Defence and Strategic Studies (GIDS) serves as a bridge between the Helmut Schmidt Bundeswehr University with its basic research and the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College with its expertise in military issues.

The academic pillar of this bridge is the Network for Interdisciplinary Conflict Analyses (NICA), which was established at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences.

NICA is an association in which professors who hold a professorship at the faculty and who conduct research in the wider field of conflict studies cooperate on a voluntary basis. It is also open to professors of other faculties. In NICA, too, the principle of the freedom of research and teaching applies without any restrictions. Professors who are active in NICA are not obliged to take on commissioned research projects. By including relevant study programmes of the faculty, NICA contributes to the interlinking of research and instruction.